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‘Dydd Santes Dwynwen’ or ‘Diwrnod Trais a gormes’?

For English speakers and those perplexed with my Google translate, the above title (supposedly) reads, ”Valentines Day’ or ‘Rape and Repression Day’?’

A catchy title if ever there was one.

So, let me explain… Continue reading

The Wedding Industry

If you follow me on Twitter you will already have received and read a barrage of tweets ranting about the pitfalls in the wedding industry, particularly if you’re a woman proposing to a man. But seeing as I wrote those tweets during a period of little to no sleep, I thought I’d detail them here with a little less frustration…

Last year the average wedding was estimated at costing approximately £30,111. Please raise your hand if you are in love. Keep your hand in the air if you are considering or have considered proposing. Please continue to keep your hand in the air if you have that amount of money in your bank account.

I, for one, don’t. Continue reading

A letter to my brother

When we were younger and people asked me about you I used to say that you were “my little brother”. Nobody questioned the stories I told or raised eyebrows at the details because “little” meant it was ok that you didn’t talk, still played with soft toys, and chewed my hair. In ambiguity I found safety. But you’re not that much of a little brother, not then and certainly not now. There has only ever been eighteen months between us and now you stand taller than I’ve ever been with a head of Hendrix curls. Continue reading

Flight Cancellation

I cannot rip
this love from my bones.
Thorns puncture fingers
like a skewer
through a dead bird,
I can hear the skin
burst. Continue reading