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The myth of healthy living

Recently my boyfriend and I decided to give our diet a health kick. We went with our intuition and simply upped our fruit and veg intake and tried to make sure we were conservative when adding things such as oil and salt to our cooking. As things do, our (albeit minor) life style changes came up in conversations with friends. It seemed that everyone had a piece of advice they wanted to give. Not only that, but different advice from different friends contradicting other friends. Eventually this amounted to such confusion and self-doubt in my ability to judge how healthy a vegetable, fruit, grain, or anything else was for that matter, Continue reading

Useful resources for students

Since being at university, I’ve come across a whole host of resources that have been incredibly beneficial to me. I hope this list is of help and benefit to others in their academic endeavours! At the bottom is a list specifically for Philosophy Students. Continue reading

Trust your instincts

Almost every day I wake up anxious. I’ve learnt over the years to simply try to take a deep breath, acknowledge that a chemical reaction is occurring in my body, refuse to give that anxiety a name, and move on. Sometimes it’s as easy as it sounds, but other days, not so much. Continue reading

In response to Sarah Knapton

A letter to Sarah Knapton in response to her article ‘ADHD is vastly overdiagnosed and many children are just immature, say scientists‘ published in The Telegraph earlier today.

Dear Sarah Knapton,

My attention has been drawn to your recent article in today’s Telegraph which expresses the opinion that ‘some neuroscientists believe the condition [ADHD] does not exist at all’. I would like to counter this in my following response, and hope that you will read it and take it into due consideration in your future articles as well as your general opinion and outlook on the subject Continue reading

Planetary Annihilation

Pull Saturn’s rings
down over and around my curves.
Hair splaying,
burnt to ash by our sun,
as I writhe in stars. Continue reading


Not silver,
But grey.
The trail leads behind me.
Not a lining,
But shame.
One giant foot
Encumbered with modesty,
That covers every inch.

Flight Cancellation

I cannot rip
this love from my bones.
Thorns puncture fingers
like a skewer
through a dead bird,
I can hear the skin
burst. Continue reading

The Death of Coleridge

Stefanie looked out from the large rock she stood high on. Everything was grey. The sea didn’t shine sapphire but glooped together liked liquid steel, instead of an azure sky above, the clouds gathered ashen, the stone, once warm and smooth, now seemed cold and sharp as sediment gathered in the cracks.
“Hmm?” Stefanie turned around to see Continue reading

‘The lunatic’ in response to Charlotte Smith’s sonnet

This poem is written in response to Charlotte Smith’s ‘Sonnet: On Being Cautioned Against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because It Was Frequented by a Lunatic‘.

Cursed with reason
you remain bound
like corset to body.
Ribbon wound tight, Continue reading

Haiku and development

I wrote this piece in my Writing Poetry module at University. We were asked to write down an experience or memory in 50words, then to condense it down to 20words, and then to transform it into a haiku. Continue reading