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Flight Cancellation

I cannot rip
this love from my bones.
Thorns puncture fingers
like a skewer
through a dead bird,
I can hear the skin
burst. Continue reading

The Death of Coleridge

Stefanie looked out from the large rock she stood high on. Everything was grey. The sea didn’t shine sapphire but glooped together liked liquid steel, instead of an azure sky above, the clouds gathered ashen, the stone, once warm and smooth, now seemed cold and sharp as sediment gathered in the cracks.
“Hmm?” Stefanie turned around to see Continue reading

‘The lunatic’ in response to Charlotte Smith’s sonnet

This poem is written in response to Charlotte Smith’s ‘Sonnet: On Being Cautioned Against Walking on an Headland Overlooking the Sea, Because It Was Frequented by a Lunatic‘.

Cursed with reason
you remain bound
like corset to body.
Ribbon wound tight, Continue reading

Haiku and development

I wrote this piece in my Writing Poetry module at University. We were asked to write down an experience or memory in 50words, then to condense it down to 20words, and then to transform it into a haiku. Continue reading

I remember Nelson Mandela

I was eighteen years old, when on the 6th May 2010, I walked with my Grandma to the voting booth in our village. “To exercise our right to vote,” she said, “is to exercise our freedom. A freedom that many people still don’t have.” Continue reading

Pantoum 01 Unnamed

Struggling to breathe I
close my eyes, and
your shape becomes a picture
against the mountain where we…

Close my eyes and
refrain from finishing Continue reading


Black harrowed heels click on the pavement outside,
So conscious of living it leaks from their eyes. Continue reading

Before I Die

Before I die
I want to be given
one last chance
dance in the rain
with my lover
singing and splashing,
eat chicken curry,
see my brother smile Continue reading

I have

I have not flooded my car
with the fresh warm air of the lavender fields,
evoking my senses,
driving along the open roads of Provence,

But I have sat in the mouth of night
soaked in starlight,
Continue reading

Midnight Moon Walker

You are dancing in the road,
a midnight moon walker.
Your dirty white dress turned silver
by the crossover of street and star light.
Right now the world is your stage, Continue reading