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From Manchester to Paris and everywhere in between

On the 26th September 2017, I said goodbye to my husband at Manchester Airport and boarded a flight for Berlin.

For those of you who don’t already know, I have embarked on a five week solo trip around Europe interrailing, couchsurfing, and hosteling.

“Alone? But why?!”

I’ve told many people who have asked me this that it’s because my husband couldn’t get the time off work and that we agreed I should go it alone as opposed to not going at all. But in all honesty, there are so many other reasons I have done this.

There is so much about myself that I want to learn and confront, and sometimes you can’t do that with the honesty you deserve giving yourself when you know you have external validation and reassurance from your peers. The hands you are so familiar with holding you. Sometimes, the kind of honesty with oneself I am seeking comes from being alone. Continue reading

Amanda Palmer, The Most Loved Woman In The World

Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, was leant to me (once again) by my cousin-in-law, Hayley.

I was fast approaching the deadline of my MA dissertation, and the date of my wedding nuptials. I stuck it in my bag to be added to the ‘when I have time’ book pile.

I was exhausted. Past running on adrenalin, I was running on the notion that energy would manifest within the essence of existing.

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