Midnight Moon Walker

You are dancing in the road,
a midnight moon walker.
Your dirty white dress turned silver
by the crossover of street and star light.
Right now the world is your stage,
cars parked like a captivated audience
silently waiting to applaud.
You have stopped caring for convention.
Why should you?
Fuck it.
It’s time to be you.
But it’s the look on your face that catches me,
your attempts to be carefree
are always so impressed with stress.
Out of sight I know lie the smashed
empty bottles which chimed your overture.
I want to take you home,
but you keep singing “no, no, no, no!”
At least in this moment you’re smiling,
dancing to the rhythm of this silent night.
My midnight moon walker.
I think you’re beautiful,
No matter what you say.

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