Ladybird Killer

Your tiny red wings glinted in the sunlight as you scuttled around behind our garden bench, exploring the depths of the gaps and cracks in our patio. Attired in my pants, T-shirt, floppy hat and green welly boots, I was on a search to quench my thirst for knowledge. Armed with my blue spade and bucket I would explore, like you, every gap and crack that I could fit into. Squeezing past the runner beans I found you scuttling on the floor. Curiosity was crawling in my veins as I wondered at your being. Oblivious to my thoughts and impulsive intentions, you were probably just having a look around. Soaking up the Sun of this beautiful day, eating some aphids, feeling insouciant of everything. And there I towered, the black spots on your wings a message to my subconscious. I was just curious Little Ladybird. Placing my blue spade directly above you, I split your tiny frame in half. Your scuttling legs froze as I watched you fall in two. A tiny sense of disappointment descended upon my brow, was that all that you would do? I called out to mum expressing my consternation, she looked at me, a frown creasing her forehead and said, “how would you like it someone cut you in half?”

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