Lady Monknash

1996. My brother and I explore the beach, collecting shells and rocks, whilst a man stands naked in the cliff face above us looking out across the sand and sea.

Touching and feeling
for the space
between her thighs,
he followed the curves.
pebbled skin,
and salty hair.
Thrusting our hands
deep in her navel
we searched
for the shells of her children.
her breath
whips us cold.
But he
embraces her.
Flaunting all that she has
she laughs at us
trying to touch the fray
of those salty waves,
that run overCollecting Dragon Eggs
and smooth her skin.
Wild child,
her freedom feeds us.
Taking her in
we share the pleasure.
But he
wants more.
To lie with her
and hold her body firm.

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