Girl in the Red Coat

Monday 13th April
I’ve decided I’m going to keep a journal of every morning when I see you. I want to record my devotion to you. I want you to one day read this.

Tuesday 14th April
I have just seen you, Girl in the Red Coat. The rain spitting down on your scarlet hood running down in snakes over the plastic of your coat.

Wednesday 15th April
A scarlet ribbon in the breeze. That is how I have painted you after seeing you walk by today. I did one in water colour and one in acrylic. The paint is still drying and I am yet to add the finishing touches, but I am sure they will meet your high standards upon completion.

Thursday 16th April
The rain is harder today, but you still sailed by. My very own rose petal. I imagine your eyes are a cloudy blue and your smile to be a thunder bolt of happiness. No one else in this world could be anything like how I imagine you.

Friday 17th April
Today you walked slowly. I wondered if you were sad. I held you with my eyes my dear. I imagined your breath tickling my skin as I did so. You will never be alone now, not now you have me.

Saturday 18th April
The weekend is here. I wonder what you are doing. A lazy Saturday morning, cuddled up under the duvet. Maybe you’re drinking a cup of tea whilst reading the paper… I’m counting down the minutes until your return.

Sunday 19th April
Monday is on its way and you my love must be readying yourself for getting back to work tomorrow. A teacher, yes that is the job you have. I am sure of it.

Monday 20th April
It did not rain today. You did not pass. I sat and waited by the Kitchen window for you to walk by. But no.

Tuesday 21st April
I am crying in vein hoping that you will hear the downpour of my tears crashing into the black and white tiles of the kitchen floor. I will let them pitter patter on your hood Girl in the Red Coat, so that you can feel alive in the rain once more.

Wednesday 22nd April
Again, it is not raining. Why will you not come for me my love? I am desperate to see you soaked through. Your wet figure is mine to embrace. My eyes want to devour you. Why is it only the sky that you will walk for?

Thursday 23rd April
It is raining! And yes you, the rush of red in my life, have returned. I caught you giving me a passing glance today. Your forehead was creased with a frown that you directed at my watching eyes. But I understand your confusion. It must be distressing for you too, that I have not yet taken you in my arms.

Friday 24th April
It rained so little this morning I feared you would not pass. But as devoted to me as I am to you, you didn’t let me down. I am sorry for doubting you my darling.

Saturday 25th April
I cleared the attic space for you today. I painted the walls red and built shelves against the back wall for all your books. I expect you will have many books, and so I have bought extra wood ready for expansion in the future. I have picked out a desk and other furniture from the IKEA catalogue for you, and am hoping to buy them tomorrow.

Sunday 26th April
The furniture is in place and I have even put the paintings I did for you up on the walls. The room looks stunning, I am sure you will love it. I have even bought new sheets for our bed, and they are of course red for you my love.

Monday 27th April
You did not walk by today, even though it rained. I am terrified. If you have died you will have done so without knowing how I love you.

Tuesday 28th April
There, you are here. The sky is crying and so am I but with happiness my darling. You are alive. I cannot take another chance. I must have you before it is too late.

Wednesday 29th April
You walked by again today, a slight skip in your step which made me smile. You must know. The connection between us is undeniable and I feel that you too know the day is soon approaching. Monday.

Thursday 30th April
You walked balancing along the edge of the pavement this morning, I was afraid you would fall. Your arms outstretched to the sides like the wings of a robin. My red robin.

Friday 1st May
Your scarlet hood taunted me this morning, teasing me. But I will wait. Monday is only two days away. The weather forecast says rain is here to stay for the next few days. I am nearly ready my darling. Everything will be perfect.

Saturday 2nd May
I went out today and bought you clothes. I know the move is expected, but I am not convinced you will be entirely prepared so I have gone to extra measures to make things easier for you.

Sunday 3rd May
Darling, darling, darling. I have cleaned and tidied the whole house. Bought you a dozen red roses and have fashioned the house with various new items. Red lamp shades, a table cloth, some little cushions… I know you will love your new home. Tomorrow is the day. I cannot wait to hold you, to hear you whisper words of love to me. I have dreamt of our union for weeks now.

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