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Being Born

Fresh bodied,
bloody with the broken light,
we emerge
drenched in life. Continue reading

Wine O Clock

The end of another week and we hear
the clock strike the slow easing of the cork
as the suction lets go to the song of
that smooth pop of wood and glass departing. Continue reading

Bruise Out

I miss waking with you,
Your hair tangled in mine
like our limbs, knotted.

Hot skin on my cold flesh,
held in the fierce grip of your embrace.
So safe it scared me. Continue reading

Winter Waltz

Freezing as you fall
mid turn,
relevé en pointe
port de bras.*
Melting in the heat of my cheek
their voices whisper
“Dance for us!” Continue reading

Just another student room

Fingers lightly brushing feel the fights this door has dramatized. Denting the wall with angry exits, shaking the frame with poignant slams. Even the floor beneath has felt the strain, with letters pushed under and words pleaded through the locked gap. The walls themselves could tell a tale or two. Impregnated with the smell of sweet thick freedom, sweat, hot food and spilt drink. Feeling warm naked flesh pushed up against cool green paint by another, Continue reading

Tsunami ‘Survivor’

I sat in the tiny one bedroom apartment staring out at a world that was not mine. The curtains were a continental blue, the checked pattern matching that of the green synthetic sheets on the bed. The walls were a custard cream melting into the dirty floor. The Land Lady had said, “Now you can decorate the room to your heart’s content dear, do whatever you like with it!” But what could I do? I had no photos to document my life along the walls by. No ornaments or objects of personal value. Nothing. Nothing to prove that I had existed anywhere at any time other than here. This was it. Not a fresh start, but a life time snatched away by the cracks and fragmentation of the Earth, Continue reading

Anxiety Attack

Like flesh to bone, these things belong to this room. Mapping their way into its structure, they contribute to the strength of the supporting walls. Like a wave of fresh cold salty surf, anxiety, you descend upon me. Seeping into my veins, as I peel posters like flakes of skin off the walls and into cardboard tubes, I can feel the panic threading through my system. Seizing the ends of my nerves, it twists my sensory perception into a convoluted cave of despair. These things were not made for cardboard cottages, Continue reading

Lady Monknash

1996. My brother and I explore the beach, collecting shells and rocks, whilst a man stands naked in the cliff face above us looking out across the sand and sea.

Touching and feeling
for the space
between her thighs,
he followed the curves.
pebbled skin,
and salty hair.
Thrusting our hands
deep in her navel
we searched Continue reading

My First Journey

Too young for words I can just remember feeling. How the torment of separation lurched in my stomach. Strapped in the double buggy, Claire was pushing me away from our Red Front Door along the pavement. Straining to twist and turn around, all I wanted to do was check on Joggy. From the first moment I had set eyes on him, I had developed an affinity to the life sized Golliwog. Continue reading

For my mum

Bound by my hands
these old lines
wind round and round,
traced over
and pressed through
A copy of you
plaited into the strands Continue reading