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Blood in my mouth,
arteries stuck between teeth.
A triple bypass
and I’m still choking.

Fingers scrape away flesh
to find a hollow.

Bones bend in
piercing pulmonary absence.
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Ignorance was bliss

I sow the seeds of doubt
in your mouth
but you spit them back out.
Life is not a
dot to dot
there are no steps
to make this passage easy.
I can’t be Continue reading

The Witching Hour

We are the calm
before the storm.
The quiet
in the disquiet.
The moments
falling apart
and being reborn.
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Find me

Words jar
threatening scars.
Half sentences
letters turn to ash
and clash with
frustration. Continue reading


You think I’m afraid?
I am brazen.
I will not falter
to walk the walk
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Emotion writhes under my skin
as sobriety kicks in.
I feel my function
fuck up
fuck away.
I am angry.
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Untitled III

I am ripped by wind
and shaken
port side
into the sea.
You peel off my layers
until I am
bone bare.
Is this what you wanted?
To see cartilage
shipwrecked on the bed,
sheets torn and soaked with sweat?
I can scream a storm,
bite like thunder
lightning flash you fear
teeth sinking deep
into blue-black waters
where eyes roll back
sea surf white.
I can fuck like fire,
red hot
skin peels
and blisters
                 like snowdrops,
                 stagnating the air between us,
                 our chests heavy,


Two glasses of wine
plus the meeting of minds
and I am wet.
Intelligence oozes from your
tannin stained mouth,
soaking my cerebral muscles.
Knee knocking
I am destabilised by
Plathian-Hughes brutality.
I quake for that
intellectual stimulation.
I am undone
by the scope of your mind,
the way that you think.

Untitled II

Chest choked
I look the other way.
Feet fall
and we fall
into awkward strides.
Silence breaks open
the ribcage steaming hot.
Words force us
to confront and stitch the cuts.
Mud caked boots,
my bitten tongue bleeds.
I cried in the Teifi,
but found salt in the Tregynon breeze.

Untitled I

I am the child
who gabbles garbage
and spews forth words
in panic-stricken
white rabbit red eyes
in the headlights
grip of nervous fear. Continue reading