Amanda Palmer, The Most Loved Woman In The World

Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, was leant to me (once again) by my cousin-in-law, Hayley.

I was fast approaching the deadline of my MA dissertation, and the date of my wedding nuptials. I stuck it in my bag to be added to the ‘when I have time’ book pile.

I was exhausted. Past running on adrenalin, I was running on the notion that energy would manifest within the essence of existing.

I submitted my dissertation sobbing and got married laughing. It was the beginning and ending of two phenomenal journeys colliding together in the space of three weeks with no room to breathe, process, or contemplate.

Three weeks later and today is the first day I have attempted​ to resume a routine in a reality that is alien to me.

I am married. I am not a student.

I am crying.

I started reading Amanda Palmer’s book the week of my “honeymoon” (I hate that word and find it impossible to use or say without the addition of “…”). I had crossed the intersection but was still taking the turning, while all the roads behind me continued churning in my internal processor. 1s and 0s that hadn’t filed.

At roughly every eight pages of The Art of Asking I cried.

Her words resonated so deeply I found myself breaking, questioning, and rebuilding myself.

Amanda Palmer gets it. And by it, I mean us and the life that we all live.

I could tell you what I have learnt from reading her book, but it would not give you an insight into the context of her book or what you might seek to gain in turn. What each reader takes from her book is unique in a way that I have never experienced from reading a book before. The message is not universal. It is personal for every reader. Amanda didn’t just write a book, she gave every reader a flower.

Amanda Palmer is not a success because she is a wizard at social media and self promotion. She is a success for three simple reasons: 1) her ability to ask, 2) the fact that she is utterly phenomenal, and 3) her unconditional ability to love.

Amanda Palmer loves me.

I love Amanda Palmer.

This is the truth.

She also loves you, and so do I.

If you research Amanda Palmer you will fast come to realise that she is a whirlwind of self made success who has an intricate and complicated relationship with her fans. In fact, to call them fans is to undermine that relationship. They are not her fans. They are her lovers

It is this simple truth which epitomises my concrete belief that Amanda Palmer is the most loved woman in the world. She is seen by so many, when most of us beg/struggle to be seen by our nearest and dearest.

Why is this? Because the ability to ask is synonymous with the ability to be loved and to love. To ask is to be vulnerable. To ask is to display need. To ask is to be dependent on someone. To ask is to call for help. To love is to do all of these things. To love is to ask for acceptance in the most unconditional and unfaltering of ways.

Amanda Palmer asks, and as a consequence, she loves and is loved.

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